Saturday, May 1, 2010

Men & Women's Models Casting for Evenementia

Are you keen on fashion and beautiful creations? Do you want to work in fashion world and make fashion shows and photos?
So this is made for you…

With its great experience in events management (exhibitions, concerts, fashion shows…), Evenementia Company is offering training courses in various modules, in order to develop its fashion line of business and also to create its fashion training institute to meet the requirements of quality.

At the end of the training course, and after you’ve passed your exam, you’ll integrate Evenementia Company.
We provide a quality education for future professional models.

Men and Women casting and recruitment is May 11th, 12.30PM SLT on Evenementia Solutions sim.

The casting is in two parts.

• First, a show with 2 outfits.
1- Swimsuits or underwear.
2- Smart outfit.
Be creative!

• Then, a little interview with team members to see your motivation.

At the end of the evening, you’ll know if you integrate the agency and so do the free training to become an Evenementia model.
You’ll also meet models already in the agency.

Copy and paste the application below in an in-world notecard and send it before May 9th, 2PM SLT, to Lalabel Demina or Annah Cham.

Evenementia Model Application:

SL name:

SL first name:

SL birth date:

What are your motivations to integrate Evenementia?

Please join two photos full perm

- 1 portrait:

- 1 full body:

Be creative to show us the best as possible the outfit.

Don’t forget that all details are important when we are a professional model: jewelry, shoes, hairs…
Send this completed note to Lalabel Demina or Annah Cham.

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